Class DomHandler



callback: null | Callback

Called once parsing has completed.

dom: ChildNode[] = []

The elements of the DOM

done: boolean = false

Indicated whether parsing has been completed.

elementCB: null | ElementCallback

Callback whenever a tag is closed.

lastNode: null | DataNode = null

A data node that is still being written to.

Settings for the handler.

parser: null | ParserInterface = null

Reference to the parser instance. Used for location information.

root: Document = ...

The root element for the DOM

tagStack: ParentNode[] = ...

Stack of open tags.


  • Parameters

    • data: string

    Returns void

  • Parameters

    • name: string
    • attribs: {
          [key: string]: string;
      • [key: string]: string

    Returns void

  • Parameters

    • name: string
    • data: string

    Returns void