Class Document

The root node of the document.

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children: ChildNode[]

Children of the node. Only certain node types can have children.

endIndex: null | number = null

The end index of the node. Requires withEndIndices on the handler to be `true.

next: null | ChildNode = null

Next sibling

parent: null | ParentNode = null

Parent of the node

prev: null | ChildNode = null

Previous sibling

sourceCodeLocation?: null | SourceCodeLocation

parse5 source code location info.

Available if parsing with parse5 and location info is enabled.

startIndex: null | number = null

The start index of the node. Requires withStartIndices on the handler to be `true.

type: Root = ElementType.Root

The type of the node.

x-mode?: "no-quirks" | "quirks" | "limited-quirks"

Document mode (parse5 only).



  • Clone this node, and optionally its children.

    Type Parameters


    • this: T
    • recursive: boolean = false

      Clone child nodes as well.

    Returns T

    A clone of the node.